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Conference Programme – Thursday 30 June

8.15 - 9.00

Registration and coffee (Auditorium G)


9.00 -



Welcome address by Anders gustavsson, Organising Committee; Astrid Söderbergh-Widding, Vice-Chancellor of Stockholm University;

Malin Ekman Aldén, Acting director-general for the Swedish Agency for Participation and Isabelle Ville, President of Alter (Auditorium G)

 9.30 - 10.30

Key-note speaker Anne Marcellini, Associate Professor Université de Lausanne

The unexpected developments in disability sports. But what does all this mean?  

Chair: Rafael Lindqvist (Auditorium G)

10.45 - 11.45

Auditorium G

Room P 216

Room P 224

Room P 232

Inclusion, Participation and Human Rights

Chair: Rafael Lindqvist


Growing up with disability in Norway—family perspectives

Jan Tøssebro


And so it was—later on we found each other directly—a narrative analysis of five you men’s experiences of participation by  utilising personal assistance

Lill Hultman


Living together in opposition to norms and values of Swedish politics and everyday life—adults with ID living with their parents

Kristina Engwall

Disability and Culture

Chair: Anne Waldschmidt



Hate speech targeted at disabled persons

Jannikke Solstad Wedeler


In focus: Blind photographers challenge visual expectations

Megan Strickfaden


Victor, the Wild Boy of Aveyron (c. 1788 – 1828), and the Rise of Special Education in Modern France

Natalia Starostina

Schools: Between Inclusion and Exclusion

Chair: Jean-Sébastien Eideliman


Challenges for inclusive education in France : from expectations to practical modalities

Sofia Rosman  and Isabelle Ville


Disability and Inclusive Processes at School. Exploring Conceptual and Interpretative Models from the Point of View of Special Pedagogy

Antonello Mura and

Antioco Luigi Zurru


Special educational needs – assessment and categorising processes in an international perspective

Dörte Bernhard and

Teresa Sansour

First Person Perspectives on Disability

Chair: Louis Bertrand


The reclaiming and reconstruction of positive identities in the recovering process by women and men with experience of long term mental distress

Ann-Charlott Timander


Changes in services

Anna Kittelsaa


Complexity and continuity—identity constructions of persons with intellectual disabilities

Anders Gustavsson


Conference Programme – Thursday 30 June

11.45 -


Lunch (Outside room P216)

13.00 -


Auditorium G

Room P 216

Room P 224

Room P 232

Inclusion, Participation and Human Rights

Chair: Nora Groce

Disability and Culture: Representations, Media and  Meaning Making

Chair: Michel Desjardin


Schools: Between Inclusion and Exclusion

Chair: Jens Ineland


Employment and Disability across Europe: Thoughts from the public sector (First Part)

Chair: Marie-Renée Guével


Realising the Participation Rights of the Disabled Child: realistic goal or wishful thinking?

Anne-Marie Callus


Evaluating the German Federal Law of Equal Treatment of Disabled Persons – methods and results

Lilit Grigoryan and

Diana Ramm

Remaking disability in China: The Little People's Kingdom in Kunming (Yunnan Province, China)

Patrick Devlieger


Perspectives on difference and stigma: researching the lives of people with albinism in Malawi

Paul Lynch


Which theory of disability does transhumanism presuppose?

David Doat

Schooling pupils with disabilities in France and Cameroon: a comparative analysis

Ernestine Ngo Melha


Experience and forms of uses of disability compensation devices in French universities

Nathalie Le Roux


The inclusive school in Portugal: the perspective of teachers, families and key actors

José Nogueira


Overview of the policies implemented

Darina Ondrusova



Barriers and facilitators to access paid jobs

Marie-Renée Guével


Conference Programme – Thursday 30 June

14.15 - 15.15

Auditorium G

Room P 216

Room P 224

Room P 232

Inclusion, Participation, Citizenship, and Human Rights

Chair: Lennart Sauer

Disability and Culture: Representations, Media, and Meaning Making

Chair: Patrick Devlieger

Schools: Between Inclusion and Exclusion

Chair: Anders Gustavsson

Employment and Disability across Europe: Thoughts from the public sector (Second Part)

Chair: Marie-Renée Guével


Living in residential care facilities and choosing one's home: a choice under constraint?

Noémie Rapegno



Family life with children and personal assistance – a three party perspective.

Viveca Selander




I want a family too! Adoption of children with disabilities in Hungary

Anikó Sándor and

Péter Horváth


Artistry and Disability – Doing Art for Real? Affordances at a Daily Activity Centre with an artistic profile

Helen Knutes Nyqvist and  Marie-Louise Stjerna


Inclusive Music and the Capabilities Framework: contextualising the experiences of inclusive music in the lives of children and young people with disabilities

Susan Levy


Mapping the Representation of Disability in the Museum Environment

Megan Strickfaden



Are the so-called Students with Special Educational Needs scarcely prosocial by nature or by culture?

 Alessia Travaglini



Students with disabilities and their experiences of higher education- a comparative institutional analysis of equal opportunities in Sweden, The Czech Republic and the United States

Ulrika Järkestig Berggren


Digital objects as mediators of new experiences for students with disabilities

Cristina Popescu


Emergent solutions and challenges

Johanna Gustafsson




Different Developments in Supported Employment policies

Angela Wegscheider


15.15 -15.45

Coffee Break (Outside room P216)

Conference Programme – Thursday 30 June

15.45 -  16.45

Auditorium G

Room P 216

Room P 224

Inclusion, Participation, Citizenship, and Human Rights

Chair: Karin Sonnander

Human service organisations and intellectual disabilities

Shared chairpersonship

First person perspectives on disability

Chair: Magnus Tideman


Rights in Transition: The Experiences of Young Deaf People

Bronagh Byrne


Recognising agitated children as disabled in France

Jean-Sébastien Eideliman



The functional family in the CRPD

Liora Roffman



Handle with Care: Staff Experiences of Difficulties working with People with Intellectual Disabilities

Martin Molin, Lennart Sauer and Jens Ineland


Sources of job satisfaction among professionals in intellectual disability services

Lennart Sauer, Martin Molin and

Jens Ineland


Knowing, being or doing? Perceptions among human service professionals about quality in day-to-day encounters with people with intellectual disabilities.

Jan Hjelte and Jens Ineland



The experiences of societal participation of people with disabilities: An interview-study among people with disabilities in Finland

Elisabeth Hästbacka


A gender equality analysis of living conditions and participation opportunities for persons with disabilities

Ann Frisell Ellburg

Individual concepts and experiences of adulthood of people with intellectual disabilities in the context of inclusion/exclusion, participation and human rights

Dorota Krzemińska and Iwona Lindyberg


17.00 -17.45


Key-note speaker

Jan Grue, Professor Oslo University

Now You See It, Now You Don’t: Disability Studies in a Disciplinary World.

Chair: Rafael Lindqvist (Auditorium G)


18.00 - 19.00

Transport to Stockholm City Hall, Centre of Stockholm (Entrance 20D for busses and wheel chair taxi)

19.00 - 21.00

Reception at Stockholm City Hall hosted by the City of Stockholm


Conference Programme – Friday 1 July

 9.00 - 10.00

Key-note speaker

Rayna Rapp Professor, Faye Ginsburg, Professor Anthropology Department, New York University.

Cripping the Future: Making Disability Count

Chair: Anders Gustavsson (Auditorium G)

10.15 - 11.15

Auditorium G

Room P 216

Room P 224

Room P 232

Online social participation of young people with intellectual disabilities

Chair: Claude Normand

Inclusion, Participation, Citizenship, and Human Rights Chair: Eve Gardien

Disability movements, Advocacy, and Identity Politics

Chair: Rafael Lindqvist

Innovative Methods in Disability Research

Chair: Berit Berg


A Conceptual Model of Factors Leading to the Inclusion of People with Neurodevelopmental Disorders in the Digital World

Claude Normand


Risks and opportunities in new emancipatory landscapes? On young people with intellectual disabilities, Internet use and identification processes

Martin Molin


Sense of belonging of Facebook users with intellectual disabilities Carmit-Noa Shpigelman


Risks and Benefits of Internet Use by People with Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Claude Normand


Fulfilling the Intentions of CRPD Article 29: Involving People with Disabilities in Public Affairs

Rebecca Irvine



Rights-Holders under the UNCRPD: Challenging Definitions of Disability in Human Rights

 Bronagh Byrne


People with support from the Swedish Disability Act (1993:387) – included or in charge?

 Susanne Larsson


Advocacy on behalf of those who cannot instruct: Perspectives of English Non-instructed Advocates

Gillian Loomes



Universal and special conditions for advocating disability rights: from the experiences of Japan and Korea

Ryoko Takahashi


Egyptian Disability Movement: Are Voices Heard and Policies Impacted?

Mostafa Attia


Of some pitfalls and deadens of participatory applied research: A critical reflection on common principles and techniques of reform within disability service networks

Michel Desjardins


Negotiating consent throughout the research process. Participation on the participant's terms.

Anne Lindblom



The reception of disability policy in France: a life-story perspective on policy change

Anne Revillard



Conference Programme – Friday 1 July

11.15 - 11.45

Coffee Break (Outside room P216)

11.45 - 12.45

Auditorium G

Room P 216

Room P 224

Room P 232


Design, Technology and Materiality

Chair: Arvid Lindén


Monitoring UNCRPD in a national perspective

Erik Lindqvist and

Magnus Lagercrantz




A Design Perspective on Participation Research

Per-Olof Hedvall


Dissecting strategies for creating inclusive societies in twelve western countries, going beyond accessibility concepts and achieving universal usability

Jonas  Andersson


Gender, Ethnicity and Intersectionality

 Chair: Anne Revillard


Invisible identities: A critical analysis of intersections of gender, culture and disability in the Maghreb

Paula Campos Pinto



Immigration and disability: Minority families with disabled children

Berit Berg


‘The issue is about her “social capacity”': exploring ‘risk' as another category of difference in intersectional analysis in disability research.

Godfred Boahen


Disability movements, Advocacy, and Identity Politics

Chair: Jan Tøssebro


Towards cross-national convergence of disability politics? A comparative study on the involvement of disability organisations in UN CRPD implementation processes in European countries

Anne Waldschmidt


Organisation and impact - self-advocacy in Sweden

Magnus Tideman


Citizenship in action: Swedish disabled people claim ‘Full Participation. Now'

Marie Sépulchre


Innovative Methods in Disability Research

Chair: Eva Jepppsson Grassman


The use of photovoice in research involving people with intellectual disabilities

Tessa Overmars-Marx


Gruppenbild mit Mensch mit Behinderungen. Studying life-course of people with « rare disabilities » through institutional records

Louis Bertrand


Participation in physical activities for children with physical disabilities: feasibility and effectiveness of physical activity referrals

Katarina Lauruschkus


12.45 - 14.00

Lunch (Outside room P216)


Conference Programme – Friday 1 July

14.00 - 15.00

Auditorium G

Room P 216

Room P 224

Room P 232


Design, Technology and Materiality

Chair: Martin Molin



Communicating and hand(ling) technologies. Everyday life in educational settings where pupils with cochlear implants are mainstreamed

Ingela Holmström


Learning from a Village: The Materiality of Disability

Megan Strickfaden


Promotion of Inclusive Education in Sweden through use of mainstream technology

Terry Skehan


Sexuality: a measure for citizenship and inclusion

Chair: Shared chairpersonship



An empty arena – on attitudes to and experiences of sexuality education among special school and habilitation service staff in Sweden

Jack Lukkerz


A minority within a minority: Being transgender and having an intellectual disability

Claire Lucille Azzopardi Lane


Sexuality: a risk or a right? Conceptualisations of sexual expression by personnel in disability services

Julia Bahner


Disability movements, Advocacy, and Identity Politics

Chair: Paula Campos Pinto


The emergence of the public problems of invalidity and blindness at international scale (1918-1939)

Gildas Bregain


Peer counsellors' resistance to ability-centrism : a way for body emancipation

Eve Gardien


Social activism of persons with disabilities in Poland - development and the current state of new social movements

Agnieszka Woynarowska and Jolanta Rzeźnicka-Krupa



Innovative Methods in Disability Research

Chair: Louis Bertrand



The UN Washington Group on Disability Statistics Secretariat: A New Resource for Research and Practice

Nora Groce


Tracing life trajectories using sequence analysis to identify how disabilities impacted on people's social inclusion in past society Lotta Vikstrom


Situational Disability - Rethinking disaster relief strategies for disabled people

Friedrich Gabel

15.15 - 16.15

Closing ceremony

Anders Gustavsson, Rafael Lindqvist, Isabelle Ville and Anne Marcellini

(Auditorium G)

16.30 - 18.00

Alter Meeting (Auditorium G)



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